Meet the Artist

Amanda Claire & Terry are an award winning photography duo who also happen to be mother-daughter. Their passion for travel has inspired their art, which has been featured both domestically and abroad in magazines, journals, billboards, and museums.

A woman-owned small business with a love of all forms of art and creativity. Beautifying your home and life with our modern aesthetic and vintage sensibilities.

Amanda Claire

Founder & Lead Photographer, Amanda is an internationally published photographer and artist. Where most kids had playrooms full of toys, she grew up with a craft room full of art supplies. Her passion for the visual and performing arts led her to college where she majored in photography with a minor in creative writing. She has since been running her own studio for over 15 years and was thrilled when her mom decided to join the business nearly a decade ago.

While she started in photography, Amanda Claire can't look at an art project without giving it a try. So when Terry got a set of Copic markers, it didn't take long for them to become a shared set. Next thing they knew, Amanda was being commissioned to illustrate a children's book.


Mom, studio manager, photographer, artist... Terry wears all the hats. From designing and sewing her own clothes as a teenager to avid amateur photographer and pen & ink and watercolor artist, Terry has always had an amazing creative eye. Trained in photography by Amanda Claire, she chose to go work for her daughter instead of retiring. They have continued to work together and teach each other new artforms and techniques for years.